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Best React IDE [Quick Q&A]


Best React IDE

Quick Q&A

Are you just starting your journey as a programmer?

Try CodeSandbox as a web-based playground.

Want the best free solution?

VSCode would be the best option.

Are you ready to pay for something?

Then take a look at WebStorm.

Want something quick and easy?


Ready to take the time to learn but get a ton of value later?

VIM will be the best investment.

And finally: don’t worry too much. All of these tools will allow you to do a good job if you are a good programmer. 😉

What is React?


What is React?

React is an open-source, component-based front-end library responsible for making an interactive User Interface or view layer. The syntax is written in JSX which makes it easier for the programmer as the tags created to call a particular component. It has huge community support and is currently maintained by Facebook.

It uses virtual DOM to fill the data in the HTML DOM. Changing the DOM elements instead of reloading complete DOM every time makes the virtual DOM work faster than the others.

What is the difference between IDE and Text Editor?


What is the difference between IDE and Text Editor?

The short answer to this question is that code/text editors only allow you to write and edit, maybe with some advanced features. On the contrary, IDEs do all the things simple text editors do plus a huge number of more advanced stuff you can’t do with text editors. Above you can see features that usually come with a good IDE. Basically, they equip you with everything you need to turn code into a functioning app or program.

For some people, the true distinction between an IDE and a plain text editor is the ability to compile your code right inside the tool.

A code editor is roughly an advanced text editor for working with code. As a rule, the most important functions of a code editor are syntax highlighting, indicating errors, and working with files – these differ from a regular text editor. 

Twitter Bootstrap alternatives


Why you should look for Twitter Bootstrap alternatives? 

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework that is used for building responsive web interfaces. Nowadays, Bootstrap is not only an adaptive grid system but a full-fledged toolkit with components and JS plugins. A part of Flatlogic web templates is made with Bootstrap (check out a bootstrap dashboard theme). In this article, we will speak about different frameworks that can offer a grid system and look through popular toolkits with components and UI elements.

But first, answer the main question: if Bootstrap is so popular and recognized, why should we use alternatives?  

The answer is simple: you may find a front-end framework from this article that will be convenient for your project. It doesn’t imply that that grid system you like is better than Bootstrap, as well as it doesn’t mean that it gives you all components you need for any app (it can be either a framework or toolkit with a prebuilt grid system). 

If you feel overwhelmed with Bootstrap, or think that it doesn’t fit your programming style, or if development with Bootstrap becomes a headache, you should give a try to another technology. Don’t forget that all frameworks are tools to achieve some specific purposes, so it’s a good practice to clearly define your task before you start looking for instruments to complete it. We are here to help you get acquainted with these instruments that can become viable alternatives for Bootstrap. We divided the top into two blocks: first includes all frameworks and libraries that are built according to Material Design principles, frameworks from the second block doesn’t use Material Design.  
Enjoy reading. 

How to Choose a Good React Website Template?


What can you build with the help of React templates? 

With the help of free and premium ready Reactjs themes you can build various types of websites:

  1. Landing pages
  2. Portfolio websites
  3. Ecommerce websites
  4. News website
  5. Social media websites
  6. Video streaming pages
  7. Blogs
  8. Crowdfunding pages and many other projects.

How to Choose a Good React Website Template?

Choosing the right one website template may seem tricky enough, but it certainly depends on the type of website you need to create. We have picked up the top 10 basic principles for you to evaluate before choosing the best React website template:

  • Design quality
  • Code quality/code cleanliness 
  • Documentation quality
  • Ease of installation
  • Update frequency
  • Variety of components
  • Maintenance and quality of support
  • Clients
  • Company experience
  • Price

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Best Free Bootstrap and React js admin templates

 Best Free Bootstrap and React js admin templates


Bootstrap 4 is considered the up to date version of Bootstrap and the biggest web framework with numerous features and very convenient to use.

The speciality of each template is quite different, some of the templates provide a big selection of customizing, meanwhile other templates focus on certain features. It is certain that you can find a template that is suitable for your needs.

These easy yet powerful templates are suitable for web apps or any other project or website that needs the admin dashboard.


ArchitectUI HTML is an adaptable and multi-purpose Bootstrap admin dashboard template with numerous elements, components, and widgets. In fact, ArchitectUI HTML also gives the option to choose from around ten different dashboards.


Kero is an impressive two-in-one admin dashboard template. It also comes with a vertical and horizontal layout. In addition, each of its styles has an additional 9 different looks and goes along with nine color schemes.


Pixel admin lite is a type of admin HTML dashboard template of numerous uses. It has tons of one of a kind elements and a responsive layout. It's Bootstrap based and utilizes state of the art panel options.


An HTML admin dashboard template designed to fit all the developer's needs. It has 3 versions from paid to free that adjusts to your particular use.


A well-made template designed for dashboards and admin panels. It has no cost and an available choice to upgrade your websites. However, if more compound and full options are wanted you can purchase its pro version.


Just like the other top templates you know, Lumino comes with a flexible, mobile-ready and eye-friendly canvas. You could always have the pro version of Lumino if you want other versions to be available.


This theme has a lot of cool packages that consist of two distinct dashboard presentations, as many as twenty integrated plugins that can make your life easier and your experience in design smoother.


With a layout that is as firm as Xtreme, developers can achieve excellent results no matter if it is free or not. It's downloadable can be used instantly. Xtreme has about seven-page templates, ten plugins, ten UI components, three tables, two forms and over a hundred icons


It comes with an appealing design that will be boosting your developer experience. Includes tons of icons, notifications, Google Maps integration, two styles of tables and neat typography.


The design for this dashboard is pretty simple with a creative touch to make skimming around the data more enjoyable. Various color options, plugins, elements, page layouts and Sass files, Light Bootstrap Dashboard has it all.


practices only the up to date technologies to design a powerful and convenient to use dashboard template. It is completely free of charge, which could help you start working immediately.

Best React IDE [Quick Q&A]

  Best React IDE Quick Q&A Are you just starting your journey as a programmer? Try CodeSandbox as a web-based playground. Want the best ...